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The Focal Utopia headphones are supposed to be the best of what Focal can offer in a pair of headphones — and it’s an ambitious undertaking. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. After all, almost all of the X-1's drivers are made by Focal. Focal Scala Utopia EVO Loudspeakers (each) “ The new Scala Utopia Evos are a Statement product for Focal, showing the competition how it’s done. Page 1 U s e r m a n u a l / M a n u e l u t i l i s a t e u r Français page 9 BP 374 - 108, rue de l'Avenir - 42353 La Talaudière cedex - France - Tel. Focal is known for its high-end equipment, but it obviously has to seriously impress to warrant the price tag of an eye-watering $4,000. Stylistic effect? All the best products. Thank you to Focal for giving us this opportunity.. To read up on other FOcal products reviewed on Headfonics click here.. JL Audio 450 big block 4 ch amp. Utopia + Premium Accessories for $4400 includes: a Carrying Case for transport and two cables (instead of one): the first cable will be a 3 meter symmetric one, with a 4-pin XLR connector, and the other one a 1.2 meter cable with a mini-jack connector, and a 6.35mm Jack adapter. Focal-JMlab UK, Ltd. Southampton Road Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2LN 0845 660 2680 COVID-19. Drive-units: one 1¼" inverted-dome titanium tweeter, two 6½" sandwich-technology midrange drivers, one 12" sandwich bass-reflex woofer. Focal Utopia overview and full product specs on CNET. Specifications Price $4000 Driver type 40mm pure Beryllium dynamic driver Focal Elite Utopia M Tweeters - TBM. COVID-19. “How does it compare to the Utopia?” is a common question among audiophiles whenever a new flagship comes out. The Focal Utopia have struck an almost perfect balance of sound quality, build, and comfort, to a degree unheard of in the industry. Specs: over-ear, dimension: 5″ x 5: x 5″, weight: 1.08 pounds, audiophile open-back circum-aural, 40m Beryllium M-shaped dome, ear cushions: 20mm memory foam, frequency response: 5 – 50 kHz, impedance: 80 ohms, sensitivity: 104dB SPL / 1mW a 1kHz Features: full-range speaker drivers, earcups rotatable, headband: leather length adjustable, offer striking realism, … Drive-units: 1.1" (27mm) inverted beryllium-dome tweeter, 6.5" (165mm) W-cone midrange, 11" (270mm) W-cone woofer, 11" (270mm) W … Sidebar 1: Specifications Description: Three-way floorstanding, reflex-loaded loudspeaker. With this level of performance, it’s easy to understand why they cost as much as they do. Download the full specs on the Focal Utopia Headphone. These speakers have amazing adjustability, regardless of what room you have now, or in the future. The Focal Utopia has a gorgeous aesthetic design. Introduction and Specs. The low-frequency reach is a respectable 40Hz, -6dB. Similar Products Used: Sidebar 1: Specifications. Disclaimer: The Focal Utopia sent to us for the purposes of this review is a loan sample that was returned after this review. We scored a pair of Focal Stella Utopia EM at a price not to be missed. JL Audio 500 mono sub amp. Focal Stella Utopia EM Loudspeakers (pair) Upscale Audio did it again! They have a black facia as pictured. The Focal Diablo Utopia speakers come in finishes including Carrera Red, Imperial White and your standard black lacquer. Best Products. Yet Focal has dodged that particular bullet by describing its new Grande Utopia EM Evo – all 265kg, two metres and £160k-a-pair of it – and its smaller stablemate, the Stella Utopia EM Evo, as 'the most emblematic high-fidelity loudspeakers of all its collections'. Focal explains the time delay and structure as ‘The very structured shape of the Grande Utopia EM immediately evokes a kind of spine. Is this still the king of detail in 2019? Focal-JMlab BP 374-108 due de L'Avenir 42353 La Talaudière cedex France (33) 0477 43 5700 The Utopia is Focal’s third headphone and flagship model priced at $4,000. Given its stellar audio performance, the Focal Utopia is a fairly efficient headphone at 80 Ohms impedance with 104dB sensitivity specs, so any great headphone amp should do it full justice. My system: Focal Utopia 165w's fronts. With their ease, definition, dynamics and SPL ability these speakers set a new standard. Focal Utopia Be 165 W-RC - speaker overview and full product specs on CNET. Rockford Fanatic X 4 inch rears. Utopia are the reference pair of headphones from Focal. Description: Three-way, floorstanding, reflex-loaded dynamic loudspeaker. Now, with the courtesy of Jack-Fi, I’ve had the chance to audition and review another pair of bookshelves from Focal, but from the top of the line, the Focal Diablo Utopia. Focal Utopia overview and full product specs on CNET. Much moreso than CSDs would suggest. COVID-19. Frequency response: 26Hz-25kHz -3dB. Last edited: Sep 1, 2016. No because the design axis chosen for Utopia 3 brushes aside anything superfluous. It's unrealistic to perfectly symmetrical cancellation out of phase indicating a perfect think that a mechanical deffect can be corrected electricaly. Sensitivity: 94.5dB.Dimensions: … Only ONE pair in amazing Carrera White. Utopia Only for $3990 includes: A case and one 4 meter cable with a 1/4" or 6.35mm jack. This will in most cases be your endgame, as they have somehow made the $4000 investment worth it given that you plan on investing in proper amplification. Shop By Price. Focal Utopia Frequency Response (0db line = 100 dbSPL) The sharp 8kHz dip appears to be an artifact from the pads Focal Utopia Distortion (at above SPLs) Focal Utopia CSDs 8kHz and up sound very smooth and refined. You can kind of see where the company's coming from. Clearly the appearance is different but there are even physical build differences that really set these two headphones apart. JMlab Mezzo Utopia loudspeaker Specifications. The first thing that draws attention is their luxurious appearance and their wonderful finish. With this new combination, our engineering teams have successfully extended the frequency response and obtained better dispersion. Function justifies shape and if the Grande Utopia EM evokes a spine, it’s because it’s articulated. Focal claims a very high 94dB sensitivity for the Grande Utopia EM but our measured pink noise result of 90.7dB suggests hat this is around 3dB optimistic. Design Comparison. The Grand Utopia is the latest step in this continuously evolving development—in essence, the field-test laboratory for the next generation of Focal drivers. Gift Guide. Focal Sopra No.3 loudspeaker Specifications. My first thought was that the $65,000 Grand Utopia was simply related to the Wilson Grand SLAMM. The Focal Utopia is widely regarded as one of the best headphones on the planet for technical capability and sound quality. : 00 33 4 77 43 57 00 - Fax: 00 33 4 77 43 57 04 - ®...; Page 2: Specifications Specifications User manual Sub Utopia Be line User's precaution • Do not throw any liquid on the subwoofer surface. Focal Utopia. Sidebar 1: Specifications. Shop By Price. Before I even get into the specs, build quality or sound, I think we need to address the elephant in the room. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Focal Utopia 27 WX Car speakers technical specifications database with photos, user opinions and reviews. Low impedance is used to help achieve this fi gure, Focal's specifi ed nominal impedance of 8ohm making little sense given that it also states a minimum value of 3.0ohm. As a world first, it features the only full-range and fully openback loudspeaker, built within a pair of headphones, using pure Beryllium formed in the brand new 'M' shape dome. The culmination of the very best of our latest innovations, our Beryllium tweeter combines for the first time ever our 'M'-profile dome and our patented TMD® surround. Focal Grande Utopia EM The third family of products to carry Focal’s flagship Utopia designation, this latest iteration represents not just an evolution of the technology and thinking behind these speakers, but a ground-up reassessment of its implementation. Specifications -- Focal claims that the Diablo Utopia Colour Evo has a frequency response of 44Hz-40kHz, ±3dB, demonstrating just how much extension that inverted beryllium dome supplies. Focal Utopia Be 165 W-RC - speaker overview and full product specs on CNET. Page 10: Technical Specifications Crossover points: 400Hz and 2.5kHz at 18dB/octave. Focal.JMlab is the largest French specialist loudspeaker manufacturer, which puts its name to several complete ranges of loudspeakers. 3 JL Audio 8W3'S in sealed box. Only Focal can engineer a speaker like this. These have to be one of the coolest looking headphones I have ever seen. Specifications Diva Utopia Be 4-driver, 3-way, ported-box speaker Drivers: 1" pure-beryllium inverted-dome tweeter, 6.5" W-cone midrange, two 8" W-cone woofers Frequency response: 35Hz–40kHz, +/-3dB Sensitivity: 89dB/2.83V/m Impedance: 8ohm nominal, 3ohm minimum Crossover frequencies: 100Hz, 2.5kHz, 24dB/octave Maximum power handling: 200W (musical program) Dimensions: 43.3" x 9.8" x … Focal Utopia Be 21 WX - subwoofer driver overview and full product specs on CNET. Specs And so in this review I’m going to ask the question of whether the Focal Utopia is still worthy of being the headphone that all other flagships are evaluated against. Maserati names new small SUV Grecale for 2021 launch G Power BMW X6M Gets 750 hp Powerkit And Body Kit Alpine CDA 7998 head unit. The Grande Utopia shows a Focal-JMlab: a specific drive unit is developed for each individual type of product. Audio Plus Services 156 Lawrence Paquette Industrial Dr. Champlain, NY 12919 (800) 663-9352 Impedance: 4 ohms nominal, 3.3 ohms minimum. Gift Guide. Boston accoustic silks in pillars to raise sound staging. Description: Three-way bass-reflex floorstanding loudspeaker. Another aspect of these Focal headphones is the design. Drive-units: 1.125" (27mm) pure beryllium inverted-dome tweeter, 6.5" (165mm) W-cone midrange driver, two 8.25" (210mm) W-cone woofers. Top of the tree is the Utopia Be range Focal Maestro Utopia III loudspeaker Specifications Description: Three-and-a-half-way, reflex-loaded, floorstanding loudspeaker. The headphones from to bottom scream luxury and are as pleasing on the eye as they are on the ears.

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