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Subscribe to Notifications After a week of strikes by farmworkers in Peru against precarious working conditions, Congress on Friday abolished a controversial law that restricted workers' rights. Farmworker protests in Peru hit agro-export sector December 02, 2020 Peru's agro-export sector is being impacted by a large mobilization by agricultural workers in the southern region of Ica over labor rights. Merino resigned after a violent crackdown on protests that left at least two people dead followed by an exodus of his cabinet members. We rely on contributions from our viewers and listeners to do our work. The municipality of Lima for the the first time in 485 years took precautions to protect historical monuments and statues, while Peru was mired in a whirlwind of demonstrations and a political crisis that resulted with three presidents in nine days. In Peru, lawmakers have repealed a highly contested agricultural law, following five days of demonstrations and roadblocks led by farmworkers across the country and after at least one person was killed Thursday when police opened fire on protesters. After a week of strikes by farmworkers in Peru against precarious working conditions, Congress on Friday abolished a controversial law that restricted workers' rights. is a 501(c)3 non-profit news organization. The unexpected impeachment of Peru’s president has left the country with a leader few know or trust. Tens of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets across Peru to protest the illegitimate impeachment of Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra. At least 35 journalists injured covering anti-government protests in Peru - Committee to Protect Journalists Riot police officers are seen in Lima, Peru, on November 10, 2020. Recognizes Morocco’s Occupation of Western Sahara in Latest Betrayal of Sahrawi People. Protesting farmworkers cut off transit on the main highway north and south of Lima this week [Sebastian Castaneda/Reuters]Their demonstrations come just two weeks after Sagasti took power after a political crisis shook Peru, leading to widespread unrest. Mineworkers in Peru on Friday joined a growing group of farmworkers in blocking major highways throughout the country, ratcheting up pressure on newly appointed interim President Francisco Sagasti. The government has provided millions in aid to large exporters – a tiny percentage of all producers – but experts said small farmers have been left out. Peru has been rocked by mass protests since Congress voted on Monday to impeach Mr Vizcarra over alleged bribery - charges he denies. December 9, 2020 Tuesday, December 8, 2020 Monday, December 7, 2020 . Fri 13 Nov 2020 11.46 EST 12.19 EST Demonstrators hold a protest against the new government of the interim president, Manuel Merino, at the San Martin square in Lima on Thursday. to your inbox each morning. because you trust that when we're reporting on the pandemic or the uprisings against police brutality—or the climate crisis—our coverage is not brought to you by the fossil fuel, insurance or weapons industries or Big Pharma. We count on YOU to make our work possible. We rely on contributions from our viewers and listeners to do our work. Turkey appoints ambassador to Israel after two years: Report, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. 17 Nov 2020 Ernestro Benavides/AFP via Getty Images. It was an act of violence,” labour leader Walter Campos told AFP news agency, describing the victim as a 19-year-old worker. "As a consequence, harvest and packing of table grapes, blueberries and asparagus were delayed for a few … Peru has been rocked by mass protests since Congress voted on Monday to impeach Mr Vizcarra over alleged bribery - charges he denies. Democracy Now! 2020 Protests in Peru The 2020 Peruvian protests are a series of demonstrations sparked after the removal of President Martín Vizcarra, beginning on 9 November 2020. facebook shares. Dec 04, 2020 2:23 PM. These started on November 9, 2020. Stay safe, wear a mask and thank you so much.-Amy Goodman. On Friday, Peru’s newly appointed interim president, Francisco Sagasti, sent a bill to Congress revoking the law, which sought to increase agricultural exports and give exporters tax breaks. Manuel Merino announces resignation after a night of protests demanding his removal left two dead, dozens wounded. The mineworkers joined continuing labour protests launched this week by Peruvian farmworkers, who are demanding higher wages and protesting against a law that exempts them from benefits given to other workers, including annual bonuses and vacation time. Thousands mobilized in protests against the political, economic and health crises racking this South American country. Peru’s new president sworn in, calls for calm after protests Francisco Sagasti was sworn in as interim president after the departure of two presidents over the last week. President Manuel Merino faces growing calls to resign AFP. You turn to Democracy Now! “Police came storming in to shoot. Peru's third president in a week unveils cabinet in hope of dampening angry protests The new government was formed a day after liberal centrist Mr Sagasti was sworn into office after a tumultuous week The appointment of Sagasti, after his conservative predecessor Manuel Merino resigned on Sunday, has helped calm protests and ease jittery markets. Story Dec 10, 2020. Tens of … Nov 15, 2020. Widespread protests by farmworkers erupted last week over pay and working conditions, with the Ica and Chao valleys experiencing the interruption of their operations due to road blockages.. 462. On the contrary, they have capitalized their pre-existing networks and social media to manifest their political engagement. Violent protests continued in Peru on Saturday leading to at least three fatalities as thousands took to the streets in opposition to new President Manuel Merino. Amid devastating pandemic and recession, Peruvians brace for more instability. Farmworkers said it benefited corporations while slashing their wages and worsening working conditions. … Meanwhile, Peru’s Congress said it planned on Friday to debate the repeal of the long-standing agrarian promotion law that farmworkers say is unjust. Tweet; Share; Comment; A demonstrator takes part in a protest against the government in Lima, Peru, on Nov. 21. The surprise impeachment of Martin Vizcarra over unproven bribery allegations triggered Peru’s biggest demonstrations in two decades. If you visit us daily or weekly or even just once a month, now is a great time to make your monthly contribution. The original content of this program is licensed under a. Peru Protests Build as Interim President Calls for Calm More Demonstrators clash with police during protests following the impeachment of President Martin Vizcarra, in Lima, Peru November 12, 2020. This week, the farmworkers cut off transit on the main highway north and south of Lima, snarling traffic and leaving hundreds of buses and tractor-trailer trucks carrying fresh fruit stranded. Francisco Sagasti was sworn in as interim president after the departure of two presidents over the last week. Wednesday was the third day of mass protests across Peru. This is a challenging time for us all, but if you're able to make a donation, please do so today. Greta Thunberg: 5 Years After Paris Agreement, World Is “Speeding in the Wrong Direction” on Climate, Vaccine Equity: Why Communities of Color & Incarcerated People Should Get Early Access to Shots, Shut It Down: Calls Grow to Close Fort Hood After Probe into Murders & Sexual Assaults at Army Base, Palestinian Official Hanan Ashrawi: Trump’s Morocco-Israel Deal Legitimizes Land Theft & Occupation, U.S. Please do your part today. Peru's New President Sworn In, Calls for Calm After Week of Protests By Reuters , Wire Service Content Nov. 16, 2020 By Reuters , Wire Service Content Nov. 16, 2020, at 7:57 a.m. ‘Peru is fired up’: Protests erupt amid political crisis Peruvians are protesting after the country’s president, Martin Vizcarra, was impeached over allegations he received bribes. There are new elections planned for April 2021. We do not accept funding from advertising, underwriting or government agencies. Peru’s new interim President Francisco Sagasti announced that he planned to submit to Congress a bill that would update an existing law that farmworkers say is unjust [Rodrigo Abd/A]Peru has been severely battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing both a crushing economic contraction and one of the world’s most deadly outbreaks of the novel coronavirus. Massive protests were seen in many cities of the country, to show their anger at the president's vacancy and reject the inauguration of the president of Congress, Manuel Merino. Written by Associated Press Television News. SHARE. Top Stories. [4] The controversial removal of Vizcarra was recognized as a coup by many Peruvians, [5] [6] political analysts [7] and media outlets in the country. Peru swore in its third president in just over a week on Tuesday, after the nation's unstable political system crumbled spectacularly. Demonstrators from the workers' unions march to demand significant social changes and a new constitution from the government of new President Francisco Sagasti, in Lima, Peru, November 18, … If everyone who visits our website gave just $8, we could cover our operating costs for 2021. We rely on contributions from you, our viewers and listeners to do our work. Our Daily Digest brings Democracy Now! The president reiterated a call for security forces to be cautious following the death of the protester. Three dead in Peru protests as thousands march in Lima . And today a generous supporter will double your donation to Democracy Now!, meaning your gift will go twice as far. For months, Peru ranked first globally in per capita COVID-19 deaths, while the International Monetary Fund projected the country would see a 14 percent decline in its gross domestic product this year. The extreme police repression has not been a … In the most recent presidential election in 2016, centrist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) narrowly won against the right wing candidate Keiko Fujimori, daughter of … One protester has died as farmworkers cut off transit on the main highway to the capital Lima, stranding food trucks. Peru’s interim president Merino resigns after deadly protest, Peru names Francisco Sagasti as third president in a week, Peru’s new president sworn in, calls for calm after protests, Azerbaijan arrests soldiers suspected of war crimes, The budget cuts that have Guatemalans ‘fed up’, Gunman shot dead by police at NYC cathedral after concert, What’s in store as the Electoral College meets, Explosion hits oil tanker off Saudi Arabian port, Tough Christmas lockdowns looming in Europe: Coronavirus live. November 27, 2020. A bronze sculpture of four llamas is wrapped in plastic near the Palace of Justice in Lima, Peru, Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020. 11/11/2020 6:42AM Protests Erupt in Peru Over New President Protesters clashed with police in Peru as Manuel Merino was sworn in as the country’s new president. Really—that’s all it would take. SHARE. Sagasti also announced plans to submit to Congress a bill that would update the existing law, but not replace it altogether. Peru has had three presidents in a week as the nation's political system appears to be crumbling in the midst of a constitutional crisis. Show Archive. Sagasti, the president, confirmed the death and promised to launch an investigation into what happened in the town of Viru, where workers were blocking the Pan-American Highway. Peruvians have mobilized without a centralized leadership. Sagasti has said he intends to support small farmers with access to land, technology and markets, though he has yet to share any details of those plans. The 2020 Peruvian protests are a series of demonstrations caused after the removal of President Martín Vizcarra. The coup comes after years of political turmoil. Peru’s political crisis appears on verge of resolution as Congress choses centrist legislator as interim president. In these times of COVID-19, climate chaos and elections, independent news is more important than ever. Speaker of Congress Manuel Merino has taken over as interim president. At least one protester had died as of Thursday. Why did President Erdogan’s poem infuriate Iranians? People celebrate after the resignation of interim president Manuel Merino, at Plaza San Martin in Lima, Peru, Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020. Former President Martin Vizcarra, who was removed from office by Congress earlier this month, allotted $42m to various large agricultural companies. The November 2020 protests in Peru have shown the people’s capacity to coordinate and organize large-scale and sustained mobilizations throughout the country. Hundreds of union members from the Doe Run metallurgical plant, located in the Andean town of La Oroya, blockaded a highway critical to the supply of food to the capital, Lima. November 15, 2020. There are concerns of a growing political crisis as Peru faces a severe economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. 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LIMA, Nov 16 — Peru's interim president, Manuel Merino, resigned yesterday, leaving the country in limbo and without a leader after lawmakers demanded he step down following the deaths of two people in protests over the sudden ouster of his predecessor. “I have instructed the minister of the interior to take charge of police operations, which must be carried out according to constitutional and legal provisions to restore internal order and social peace,” Sagasti said on Twitter. Two Killed As Huge Pro-Democracy Protests Continue in Peru . Police have attacked and harassed journalists covering protests in the city. About 60 protesters were injured in street clashes. Emily Culver. “We want to be given the management of the company after the failure of the government and its liquidation committee to sell the complex to a new operator,” the leader of the La Oroya workers union, Luis Castillo, told Reuters News Agency. There were also some cases of the facilities of large export companies being vandalized. Coronavirus: What's happening in Peru?

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