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The Kirlin Charitable Foundation is pleased and honored to be a partner with Art with Heart, their “Oodles of Doodles” project for hospitalized children, and their “Chill & Spill” workbook journals. The spirit, creativity, and commitment that define this important work is truly inspiring. Most important of all is the benefit to these children. Please read on to discover the story behind the project, visit the website, and perhaps find a way to support the expansion and continued success of this project.

Founded in 1996, Art with Heart is a nonprofit whose goal is to empower youth who are dealing with crisis through creative books and programs that foster self-expression. Art with Heart has established a reputation locally and nationally as an organization that serves children in need by capturing the talents of the creative community. They are also well recognized for their efforts and ability to collaborate with other nonprofit agencies to provide supplemental tools that improve their art and art therapy programs. Children coping courageously with serious issues such as traumatic stress or serious illness need additional support as they work through complex feelings to help them remain content, playful and happy. Without an outlet, intense feelings can lead to emotional impairment, poor self-esteem, depression, substance abuse, or psychological and mental problems.

Art with Heart helps fill the gap through its offerings such as “Oodles of Doodles for Your Noodle,” a therapeutic activity book for hospitalized children. It utilizes the expressive arts to provide distraction from pain, foster individual expression and provide a non-threatening outlet for fear and anxiety. The book has brightened the lives of over 20,000 hospitalized children throughout North America so far. Make-A-Wish Foundation, Lance Armstrong Foundation and Starlight-Starbright Foundation have all endorsed Art with Heart’s work and regularly utilize their books to help the children they serve.

When Hurricane Katrina struck, Art with Heart donated their newly released “Chill & Spill” workbook journals to assist emotional recovery of adolescents affected by the disaster and conducted training sessions for school counselors in order to equip them with skills of how to deal with the aftermath and ensure in-school participation.

Art with Heart is committed to helping youth overcome obstacles and provide resources to support services to youth. For youth, the end result of Art with Heart’s work is improved emotional clarity, cathartic expression and critical thinking, leading towards long-term potential of trauma resolution, healthier self-esteem, in-school success and reduction in risky behavior. For youth in crisis, art is not just a pleasurable activity, but a transformative and comforting outlet.

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