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As a society, we are finally coming to realize that our young students are capable of far more than we have expected of them in the past. In fact, we now know that as early as the first few days after birth, infants are already hypothesis testing! To insure that our children continue in their scientific inquiry, we must provide them with the best teachers, curriculum and materials. Project Discovery, part of the overall creative vision of the Bellevue School District, is just such a program. Please read below and visit the foundation’s website to discover more about their good work, and how you might help support these children as they step more deliberately into the scientific process.

Project Discovery: Science and Technology for the Future

Crayfish, seeds, beetles, magnets, water, bones & muscles, goldfish, thermometers, wood, fabric, compasses, minerals, electricity…

Kids learn science best when they have quality materials, well-trained teachers, and fun. That’s what Project Discovery is bringing to all of Bellevue’s elementary students.

Project Discovery is a grade-appropriate Earth Science, Life Science or Physical Science ‘kit’ arriving in every kindergarten through 5th grade classroom 3 times during each school year. The kits are fully stocked with all supplies needed to engage the students with inquiries and investigations in that science topic over 6-8 weeks. The kits are re-stocked after every use, ready to go for the next classroom.

BSF funds 4 Science Resource Specialists who train the teachers and provide support throughout the school year. The classroom teachers now have a resource for questions, curriculum training and sharing teaching ideas.

“As a former elementary science specialist and now a principal, I’ve worked in several districts where a science curriculum was adopted but weakly implemented. Bellevue has done it right: training teachers in inquiry and in the use of the curriculum units and then supporting them through curriculum specialists for on-going staff development. I have seen more excellent science technology in my school this year than I ever expected.” (2000-2001 school year)
– -Jerry Schultz Principal-Stevenson Elementary School

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