TeachFirst’s innovative form of professional development provides practical and tactical resources that meet the needs of teachers working within a very demanding field. The Kirlin Charitable Foundation is proud to be a founding investor in a program that is destined for success. Please read on, visit their website, and consider finding a way to support this important work.

TeachFirst enhances the skills of the classroom teacher in order to impact student learning. We do this by partnering with school districts across the country to plan, implement, and sustain professional learning communities – a highly regarded professional development model that directly leads to improved instruction and classroom impact. With the TeachFirst PLC Model in place, schools have access to the tools and training necessary to target and meet the specific instructional needs of their students.

The TeachFirst website features online video clips of exemplary teachers modeling research-based instructional strategies in their classrooms. These video vignettes, along with supporting materials, provide mainstream teachers and specialists with on-demand access to effective classroom practices throughout the school year.

The videos act as a catalyst for ongoing instructional conversations within a district’s Professional Learning Communities. This embedded and collaborative approach results in improved instruction in the classroom. TeachFirst’s window into exceptional classrooms coupled with opportunities to talk about how we teach is a powerful way to influence and shape teacher development and improve student achievement.

The TeachFirst model—powerful content and a proven process for discussion and deployment of the methods shown—is being successfully used in districts all across the country. Client districts use TeachFirst to meet their internal instructional objectives as well as the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. The TeachFirst program qualifies for Title I and Title III funding.

We invite you to visit our website at www.teachfirst.com to learn more about our research-based content, our professional services, and our team’s passion for making a difference in education.

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