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Thrive by Five Washington champions positive early learning opportunities for every child, from birth to age five, so that they are ready to succeed in school and thrive in life. Thrive by Five Washington, is a statewide public-private partnership that works with parents, early learning professionals, communities, philanthropic organizations, businesses and government to develop a sustainable system for statewide early learning improvement. Public-private partnerships combine the assets of each sector to help achieve sustainable social change. The public sector offers experience, considerable public resources and infrastructure, and political legitimacy. Private organizations, such as foundations and businesses, bring expertise, credibility, nimbleness, rigor, and flexible funding to an issue. Thrive by Five Washington, its partners, and its grantees will promote community-based, market-driven solutions that will expand access to early learning opportunities for all our state’s children.

Promising Models

In 2007, Thrive by Five Washington began putting effective early learning research into action. They developed a grant-making strategy to increase the quality of early learning through three initiatives: Nurturing Families, Culture of Literacy and School Connections, all of which are based on the latest research done in Washington state and across the country.

Nurturing Families helps parents understand how brain development and social-emotional growth affect their children’s later success. It teaches parents to strengthen the bonds with their children as a way to prepare them for the future. The result is families in which children can realize their full potential during and after the critical early years.

The Culture of Literacy initiative helps parents prepare their children to effectively express themselves verbally and in writing. In collaboration with the Department of Early Learning, Thrive by Five Washington awarded more than $1 million in Reading Readiness grants in 2007, to organizations that serve children from low-income or rural areas, whose parents speak a language other than English or who are at risk of starting kindergarten unprepared.

School Connections is a partnership of Thrive by Five Washington, the state Department of Early Learning, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, teachers, and early learning professionals designed to help parents meet children’s needs as they enter the K-12 system.

Thrive by Five Washington communities

The Thrive by Five Washington communities — east Yakima, in eastern Washington, and White Center, in western Washington — are designed to implement a continuum of early learning and outreach services for families with young children. East Yakima and White Center were chosen because of their strong local leadership, diverse populations and appropriate scale. These communities have great promise—and both support the dynamic, community-driven partnerships necessary for success.

Both the White Center and east Yakima communities are committed to developing and expanding existing high-quality early learning opportunities. They also have the infrastructures and public support needed to create dynamic, community-driven partnerships. Education Service Districts (ESD) were chosen through a community process to lead efforts in each community to cultivate community agreement and facilitate business plans.

Public Awareness Campaign

Thrive by Five Washington knows that the only way all children in Washington will have positive early learning opportunities is if people know why they’re important and feel a sense of urgency to help our state’s youngest residents. Thrive by Five Washington will be working with other early learning organizations in the state to launch a public awareness campaign.


Kirlin’s affiliation with Thrive by Five Washington began with our investment in the Early Care and Education Coalition (EC2). EC2 was actively engaged in promoting policies that would lead to an effective and integrated system of policies, services and programs in early care and education. In July 2006, Governor Gregoire’s Early Learning Council recommended the formation of a public-private partnership. The resulting partnership, Thrive by Five Washington, is built upon the infrastructure of EC2. In addition to generating new initiatives and programs, Thrive by Five Washington works closely with other organizations and initiatives, such as Born Learning, the state Department of Early Learning and the state’s Early Reading Initiative.

Daniel Kranzler, Kirlin Charitable Foundation’s Founder and Board President, serves on the Thrive by Five Washington Board of Directors. Ron Rabin, Kirlin Charitable Foundation’s Executive Director, serves on the Thrive by Five Washington Advisory Committee.

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